Accept imperfection

We tell you some tips so that you learn to accept your imperfections and be able to live happily with them.

Tips for dealing with blemishes

Do not accept risks

But contrary to what many think, the fact of not accepting one’s own limitations carries serious risks since this tendency tends to lead to frequent dissatisfactions, disappointments and feelings of frustration and failure, becoming a source of unhappiness. Thus, a person who aspires to achieve perfection can be caught in a trap, since being an unattainable goal, what was intended to be an impulse to overcome oneself can become an obstacle.

One of the most frequent consequences is the tendency to avoid certain situations in which one is not sure of being able to function perfectly, wasting many opportunities.

In addition, one easily enters dynamics according to which sufficient results are never obtained and the imperfections end up absorbing all the attention, remaining anchored in the defect, the criticism, the “I do not have” or the “I am not”, disregarding this form everything else and losing the global vision of oneself.

Learn from them

It is true that the will to improve is a necessary and healthy attitude, but always starting from the basis that imperfection is part of the human being , therefore it is absurd to fight against this condition.

When a person dares to show his most defective and vulnerable part, to accept and recognize his weaknesses before other people and before himself, he becomes a more complete and authentic person , more accessible to others and can be better known. depth. At that point, it is not necessary to falsify or pretend what one is not and neither is it necessary to contain one’s own emotions or put distances.

Become aware of it

Becoming aware of your own imperfections is a hard encounter with reality and, therefore, it is not an easy or pleasant process. Accepting that things often don’t go your way and allowing yourself to make mistakes , be flawed, or go wrong is a difficult process of acceptance.
Finding out that you are not as perfect, smart or attractive, or as good a parent or professional as you would like, can lead to serious disappointments and feelings of failure. But if you allow yourself to make mistakes and you recognize yourself as imperfect, you can show the more secure, assertive, confident and constructive side; and, at the same time, it will be possible to respond, to the other and to oneself, from acceptance, tolerance and understanding.

Try to get better

Imperfections and failures can also become something productive as they allow you to learn and improve. Accepting imperfection can be a good starting point to make changes, without backing down or rebelling against limitations, but not demanding the impossible either.

Recognizing that there are deficiencies, and that it is always possible to make mistakes, allows us to adopt a more humble attitude towards life; and this humility is an essential aspect of daily learning.

Living with imperfection …

To achieve a comfortable coexistence with your own imperfection it is advisable to: 

  • Appreciate and accept one’s own body and physical appearance in a global way: beyond its imperfections, taking care of it and learning to listen and attend to its needs and signals.
  • Propose new projects and do new things with humility, losing the fear of failure, ridicule or the unknown.
  • Adopt an observant attitude, experiencing and experimenting but detaching from criticism, judgments and comparisons.
  • Detect and value the positive things, in addition to the imperfections.
  • Try to live in the present moment.
  • Recognize mistakes, leaving behind pride and competitive dynamics with others.
  • Foster a humble, trusting attitude and work on the ability to fearlessly show one’s own vulnerability.
  • Adopt a broad perspective on oneself, on situations and on one’s life, to avoid focusing and obsessing over imperfect details.

Expert advice

MAPFRE Salud Insurance includes a Telephone Psychological Guidance service, through which a qualified team of psychologists can provide personalized guidance on this and other issues.

What you should know…

  • When a person dares to accept and show his most defective and vulnerable part, he becomes more complete and authentic.
  • Imperfections and failures can also become something productive as they allow you to learn and improve.
  • Sometimes an objective and external advice is necessary to face situations like this, which prevent you from enjoying life in its entirety, that is why many companies include the psychology service in their health insurance coverage.

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