Breast Cancer Prevention: Self-Examination

Detecting any cancer disease early is key to being able to cure it. Therefore, in cases such as breast cancer, self-examination should become a routine activity in the life of any woman.

How often is a breast self-exam recommended?

A monthly breast self-examination is recommended so that in case of having a malignant lesion it is detected as soon as possible. However, it is never a substitute for early diagnostic tests such as mammography or examination by an expert. It is advisable to do it between three and five days after the rule , since it is the stage of the cycle in which the breasts are less sensitive and tense and therefore with less lumps. It can be done standing or lying down.

How is breast self-examination performed?

First of all, an inspection should be done before the mirror to see possible changes in the skin or in the size of the breasts, first with the arms along the body and then with the arms raised or behind the neck. It should be noted that there are no changes in the nipples and that it has not been umbilized.
To explore the right breast, place the right arm behind the head and with the left hand flat, press with the fingertips, making small movements against the ribs . You must imagine the face of a clock and go clockwise or counterclockwise without leaving any area to explore.
It is important to remember that the breast has an extension towards the armpit, there are even women with an axillary mammary gland , and you should not forget to explore that area. In this way it is possible to notice if there are any nodules of recent appearance.
The same palpation should be carried out on the areola and the nipple squeezed in such a way as to observe if there is any breast discharge , clear or bloody, in both nipples or in only one.

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