Contraceptive Methods

The condom is the first and main contraceptive method existing today, its proven efficacy in preventing pregnancy, and for the enormous utility it has in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. It is a cheap and safe method of contraception, used correctly.
Sexual practice through “coitus interruptus”, withdrawing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation is unreliable and safe.
Vasectomy is recommended for patients with a stable partner and a fulfilled pregnancy wish. It is a simple surgical technique, performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis, which allows a normal life very quickly. Both vas deferens, coming from both testicles, are sectioned, preventing the arrival of sperm to the semen. Semen continues to be produced and does not cause any alteration in sexual intercourse or ejaculation. Minor side effects such as wound infection, bruising, etc. may appear after surgery.
One to two months after surgery, it is recommended to perform a semen analysis to check that no sperm remains in the semen.

In principle, it is an irreversible technique, but there is a surgery (vasovasostomy) that allows re-channeling the cut ducts, reappearing sperm in the semen. This surgery is much more complex, requiring microsurgical material, with success rates that never reach 100%.
There are multiple drugs proven to be used as male contraceptives, always with high toxicity and doubtful efficacy, so there is currently none recommended.

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