Get back your exercise routine after the summer

If you changed your exercise routine in the summer or simply gave it a vacation, now is the time to resume your sports boards with renewed energy to start the season in full and, incidentally, recover your body from the excesses of summer.

The  exercise routine after the summer should be updated when the temperatures drop, the continuous or reduced day disappears and you already review the photos of your dream trip that is already a nice memory. Whether you have completely abandoned sports or physical activity during the summer or if you have changed them in favor of sports or water activities for example, the time has come to return to routines. It is not that difficult, if you face it as soon as possible and with the advice of the experts.

Types of exercises around the summer

Do not worry because the readjustment to your daily life does not have to be as hard as you always think when vacation time runs out. The exercise will help you regain your life and allow you to lengthen the rest and offer forces during the summer time.


Stretching is a key part of any sports warm-up , but especially when an activity is resumed, it is worth extending the time dedicated to stretching the muscles and intensifying this type of exercise with a complete plan that includes the whole body. It is a very good idea that, at least, the first month of return to exercise you do more stretching time and with special attention and dedication. Your body will appreciate it and you will avoid stiffness and injuries.

Tones and hardens

If during the holidays you have exercised, for example in water sports or outdoors, the recommendation is that, with the return to your routine, you recover the work of toning the muscles that you have left untreated in summer . Examples? You may have exercised your legs and lower body during your multi-adventure or country hikes, but what about your upper body or abs? Start by resuming exercises with those most forgotten areas in summer, but do it gradually, constantly and increasing the intensity over time.

Cardiovascular exercise

Cardio routines   are best suited to burn fat and help fight excess weight. However, a very controlled adaptation is recommended, with intensity, but a short time to safely and healthily incorporate this type of exercise together with the aerobic type. The treadmill, elliptical, or  stationary bikes  are good options for this type of exercise. Coaches confirm that this type of activity also improves the quality of sleep and rest, so it will help you to re-regulate your schedule if you have missed it on vacation.

Tips to get back to the post-summer exercise routine

It is best not to waste time and face the return from vacation with optimism and renewed strength, physical activity helps to regain the usual rhythm and removes the ghosts of post-vacation crises or  depressions,  according to experts.

Do not postpone the start of the routine

Just as the day back to work is marked on your calendar, it is recommended that you put a date , if it can be the same, the return to all your activities related to your daily routines, including the gym, running  training  and any other activity .

Accept new challenges

It is a good idea to include new exercise routines and even new activities taking advantage of the return of summer. Any ideas? Perhaps it is your time to  try yoga  or tai chi, or you prefer a challenge with more impact such as  balletfit  or  crossfit  that have more and more followers every day. Maybe the water sports you have discovered this summer are good possibilities to continue practicing all year round.

Set goals

Motivation is essential to overcome the return to routine. Coaches recommend setting new goals to encourage and activate a return to exercise much easier and even fun. If you have doubts about the type of activities or want to take the opportunity to set healthy guidelines related to your weight, for example, it is essential that you consult with your trusted healthcare professional.

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