Posture in pregnant women

“Sit well …”, “feet on the ground …”, “please, sit like people …”, “get up off the ground …”, “you will hurt yourself …” Surely you get tired of saying these phrases to your children And let’s face it, you want them to listen to you, right? Well, in the case of pregnancy, this recommendation that we make to many patients is also important and we would like them to also listen to us.

The moment of pregnancy is very beautiful, and surely you have already noticed that as the months go by the scale marks more and more weight … And the increase in weight that is accompanied by low back pain, some tingling sensation in the legs , possible posterior pelvic pain and eager to give birth now.

What’s normal and what is not

Low back pain that occurs in the region of the lumbar vertebrae, in the lower part of the back, and posterior pelvic pain in the back of the pelvis are two totally normal pains before, during and after pregnancy.

  • The low back pain happens because the center of gravity moves forward causing back muscles overwork and if you do not have a good lumbar muscles, to hold the body it costs extra weight.
  • The pelvic pain back is because the body prepares for childbirth. As the months go by, everything moves a little from its place and this is not free… it is accompanied by discomfort. The tingling sensation is also normal. Many times it is due to false sciatic pain, in other words, the pyramidal / piriformis muscle contracts, pressing on the sciatic nerve.

It is important that you know that once it is given birth, the pain can be maintained for a while, then it disappears and, if not, it would be recommended that you consult a physiotherapist because he can eliminate these contractures or mark a treatment strategy. Even so, it should be borne in mind that long periods of time while sitting or standing, as well as lifting objects can generally cause all these pains to worsen, making them more intense at the end of the day.

But … what does pregnant posture have to do with all this?

As you have already seen, the body makes a great effort during pregnancy and if the future mother does not feel well, it causes the lumbar muscles to be even more loaded, the sciatic nerve is pressed more and more tension is generated on the pelvic area. So, walking, stretching, pelvic tilt exercises , swimming for pregnant women, and learning to sit well, is very important, since you will significantly reduce pain. In conclusion, a good posture in pregnant women helps to have a good quality of life.

Therefore, it is about sitting well, not sitting or standing for too long, walking, stretching, doing pelvic tilt exercises, practicing swimming for pregnant women and, as we always say, especially before doing something, if there is a slightest doubt Always ask a professional to advise you and solve them.


  • The changes that occur in the body of the pregnant woman facing childbirth facilitate the appearance of discomfort and pain at the lumbar and pelvic level.
  • If, in addition, the future mother does not feel well, it loads the lumbar region more, puts more pressure on the sciatic nerve and generates more tension in the pelvic area.
  • Sitting well, not sitting or standing for too long, walking, stretching, pelvic tilt exercises, swimming for pregnant women, is important to relieve pain.

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