Teens: first waxing

Waxing girls for the first time raises many doubts as to the age or the method to be used.

The aesthetic demands of the western world begin with female waxing. While it is not mandatory or essential, the pressure to show off hairless legs is culturally imposed. And there comes a time in the lives of girls where the concern about not having hair manifests itself.

The most common age at which body hair concerns begin is adolescence , although for some girls it may be earlier, depending on the amount of hair they present. Although mothers wax regularly and without worries, when the case concerns their daughters, many doubts can arise, especially if it is being raised at a very early age.

There are many urban legends regarding early hair removal, and none of them have any foundation. For example, one of the most common is that girls should not be waxed before menarche. Currently, girls begin to wax when the hair comes out, around the age of 12.

Hair removal can be considered without problems in girls or adolescents, there is no type of contraindication . Each case is different, but if excess hair represents a complex or an attack on the girl’s self-esteem, we should have no qualms about solving it. Of course, it must be borne in mind that the presence of body hair in some parts of the body (such as the genital area) fulfills a protective function, which is why dermatologist associations do not advise its removal .

Hair removal methods

We can offer teenage girls many hair removal options. It is advisable to accompany the younger ones and give them correct information so that they can choose the method that best suits their needs or expectations.

For example, if we choose an extraction method, such as wax or electric razor, a hot water bath will go well before waxing, as it dilates the pores and facilitates the extraction of hair.

Shaved or shaved

It is a quick and painless method, but with a very low efficiency (the hair comes out after two days) and with the risk of cuts or skin infections. In girls it should not be the first option and we should not promote that they use it themselves.

Depilatory creams

They are chemical products that remove superficial hair without the risk of cuts . Its effectiveness is short, since the hair comes out again after a few days. The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed carefully to avoid irritation.

Chemical discoloration

They are chemical substances that make hair blonde and barely noticeable (especially if it is short and not very thick). It is usually ideal for facial hair or arms. The manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed and the process performed under supervision.

Cold, warm or hot wax

It is a method that uses wax or resins to pull out the hair by the roots. It is very effective, but requires a certain skill, so it is always better for the adolescent to go to a beauty center where expert hands perform hair removal. The result can last up to three to four weeks.

Tweezers or cotton thread

They are used for eyebrow waxing and the result is very good as it lasts up to three weeks. It must be done by expert hands that pluck the eyebrow according to the shape of our face.

Electric depilatory razors

They have a special head that extracts hair from the roots . They are very practical, clean and effective. They can be painful for the first waxing, since its effectiveness is greater with slightly short hair. The result can last up to three to four weeks.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light

It is a technology that uses light to depilate . Suitable with results for any type of skin. Its main drawback is that it can cause more burns and irritations. The light is polychromatic (multi-colored) and the light beam moves in all directions with different wavelengths. IPL is a slower treatment, and requires more sessions because it is not as effective; In principle, the only advantage it has is that it is more adaptable to skin and hair types.

Laser depilation

It is much more accurate. The laser equipment applies a monochromatic light (of a single color) so that this light is easier to absorb by melanin. The light particles go in the same direction and at the same wavelength through the hair, ending up at the root and destroying it. So the laser is more punctual, efficient and precise. It is an expensive and somewhat painful option that is recommended especially in cases of hirsutism .


It is a method of permanent removal of unwanted hair in a permanent way by which, thanks to the use of very thin electrodes that resemble a needle, the root of the hair is destroyed and this does not allow it to grow back. It is not a highly recommended method for girls because it is painful, requires several sessions and can discolor the skin.


It is very important that the hair removal with pulsed light and laser is applied by an expert dermatologist, so that he can choose the most suitable type of laser. In general, this type of hair removal should not be the first method to choose, unless there is a very important aesthetic problem.

It is convenient to specify that the laser removes the hair that exists, but not the hair that will come out later.

The only contraindication that dermatologists agree on is in the application of laser on congenital nevi , since it can cause melanomas. In these areas the hair removal of choice is shaving.

  • Hair removal can be considered without problems in girls or adolescents, there is no type of contraindication.
  • The presence of body hair in some areas (such as the genital), fulfills a protective function, so dermatologist associations do not advise its removal.
  • It is advisable to accompany the younger ones and give them correct information so that they can choose the method that best suits their needs or expectations.
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