Tips for Coping with the Heat During Pregnancy

Extreme heat often causes fatigue and reluctance, especially in pregnant women. To prevent this from happening, we propose a series of tips to cope with the summer with energy.

Enjoying the summer months but without relaxing in the basic care of pregnancy is the key to spending a healthy and safe vacation. How can we better cope with the heat?

Increase your water intake

Drink lots of water but without being excessively exaggerated, since not drinking is as harmful as drinking too much. Between 1.5 and 3 liters of water a day is usually enough. As alternatives to water are juices , sports drinks and milk. Alcoholic beverages are already discouraged in pregnancy but more so in summer, because instead of hydrating they contribute to dehydration .

Avoid sun exposure

Avoid excessive exposure and at times of maximum heat. Blood pressure is usually lower in pregnancy and exposure to the sun tends to lower it even more so dizziness is more frequent.
A sun cream with a very high protection factor should be used , since the appearance of spots on the skin is very frequent and should be avoided as much as possible. During pregnancy it is easier to burn and at the same time with good protection we will obtain a darker tan than in other years, so the protection factor should be higher than that normally recommended by our skin type. There is no problem with sunbathing in the belly area, beyond the risk of skin burns.

The diet must be varied

The diet must be with plenty of fruit and vegetables, cereals, fish … With the heat it is recommended to increase the consumption of salads , in which legumes, vegetables, as well as cold creams such as gazpacho can be added … Digestions can be heavier due to what you must be careful not to get too full.

Clothing must be comfortable and cool

Use fabrics that allow good perspiration, and with light colors so that they absorb less solar radiation. Avoid especially tight rubber bands, or tight clothing, especially on the legs.

Legs care

The legs tend to swell more with the heat, so prevention should be tried, keeping them up when we can (sofa, bed …), getting massages to promote circulation and avoiding socks or shoes that compress the feet. Cold creams can be used to improve circulation. Before a sudden swelling of the legs, you should always make sure that the blood pressure is correct.

Keep the house cool and well ventilated

Ventilating rooms well in the less hot hours is essential, partially lowering the blinds or using awnings can also be of great help if you do not have air conditioning.

Physical exercise should be moderate

It is good to exercise during the warmest hours and without getting too tired. Walking on the beach first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon helps to maintain good blood circulation, strengthen the muscles, but without neglecting good hydration at that time … Exercise in water , such as swimming is a ideal exercise in summer but the last month always with permission from your gynecologist.

Long trips should be as comfortable as possible.

In case of going by plane or train , being a very dry environment you should drink a lot of water and get up every hour or two hours to walk a little and improve blood circulation. By car or bus, you should stop every two hours at the most and walk for a while in the shade to avoid compression of the legs that promote swelling and possible thrombosis.
What you should know…

  • Comfortable clothes, drink plenty of water, avoid excessive sun exposure … these are some basic measures to better cope with these months.
  • You have to try to be active but without getting too tired and avoid the hottest hours.
  • If you have any questions or symptoms, it is very useful to have a pregnancy care program like the one already offered by many health insurances.

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