What are the benefits of exercising without leaving home?

In order to stay in shape, you don’t need to have excessive time or invest a large sum of money. Surely at home you have valid material to train. If you want, you can buy equipment that will help you but, for the basics, we use our own body and little else.

Your body, both inside and out, will thank you for everything you can do to improve. The sedentary lifestyle is a major problem worldwide and their numbers could be reduced if we were all a bit more aware of the health risk of not moving. That is why it is convenient to take advantage of any time we have to exercise, without forgetting that we must also rest. Although resting does not mean “lounging” in front of the television for hours.

Taking advantage of downtime is the difference between doing nothing and starting to be active, so… do you sign up?

Where to start

Muscles and joints: we will start with the most basic, which would be to work the muscles and joints. Who has not ever been told to stretch and move all your joints? If we have muscles and joints in tune, all effort will be less.

You need a mat to be able to lie down or sit on the floor. This should not be too soft as your back should be on a relatively hard surface.

It is about working the muscles in groups. It is recommended to hold each movement for 15-30 seconds and repeat it between 1-3 times .

Legs: quadriceps (thighs): lie on your side supporting your elbow. With the other arm, stretch the opposite leg previously bent towards the buttocks, and you see the legs simultaneously.

Abductors (inside of the legs): Sit so that the soles of the feet touch each other and try to bring the knees closer to the floor.

Back: lie on your back, bend your knees in the air and pull them towards your chest.

Arms: to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome, it is good to stretch the arm with the palm of the hand facing forward and the tips of the fingers towards the ground. With the other hand, press on the fingers and you will notice how the wrist muscles are stretched.

These are just some of the examples at the level of stretching. Performed with constancy, they will diminish the feeling of stiffness that sometimes exists.

Now we know what to do with the muscles so let’s see how we can also help the joints :

Sit in a chair and move your ankles and wrists in a circle. The shoulders can be rotated as if it were a windmill, in addition to raising and lowering them. Unload the cervicals by rotating the neck to one side and the other.

Cardiovascular work

The heart is the engine of our life and we have to take care of it like the most, so we will also dedicate our time. The recommendations of the bodies that are in charge of preventing diseases through physical activity advise 30 minutes of daily activity to avoid the appearance or development of health problems. Walking briskly or climbing stairs is already a first step, but we can do more.

Perform a routine where you combine stretching , like the ones we discussed earlier, with choreographed or active movements. If you have no idea how to start, a jump rope will help. Jumping is an exercise that activates your heart and makes your heart beat higher. You must be progressive to start without exhausting yourself and increase both in time and intensity (jump faster).

Doing the movement of the bicycle, if you do not have a static one, is also a good option: lie down on the ground and, with your legs raised, move them as if you were pedaling.

Strength exercises

Strength is also an important part of a training routine. If you have dumbbells, great, but if not, use a pack of rice, for example. To work your biceps , for example, sit with your back straight and your arms close to your body, and raise the weights up to shoulder height. Once up, it is about undoing the maneuver. You can perform 1-3 series between 6-15 repetitions depending mainly on the feeling of fatigue that may appear, with both arms at the same time or alternating one and the other.

Carrying out these recommendations will help you exercise and feel better. If you also accompany your exercise with music, you will make it more enjoyable and motivating. You will see how you will end up needing it as part of your day to day!

  • Any time: take advantage of any free time to exercise.
  • You need… a mat, a jump rope and some weights are enough to start.
  • The best combination: working muscles and joints; at the cardiovascular level; and strength.

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