What benefits does running bring you?

For a few years we have seen that wherever we go there are people running, whether in the city, in the countryside, in the mountains or on the beach. Perhaps the “spirit of 92” made our environment aware of how important health is and how the “exercise and health binomial” coexist perfectly.

  • Running is inexpensive physical exercise. However, you have to be well prepared, both in clothes and shoes, to avoid injuries.
  • The advantages of running: we can run whenever we want and anywhere, either alone or with others.
  • Many benefits at an emotional and cardiovascular level, and helps in weight control as well as cholesterol and triglycerides.

A good team

Running is an economic activity . And good health must be maintained despite difficulties because, the better we feel, the stronger we will be to “weather the storm.” But even if it is economical, it does not mean that we wear any type of shoes or dress as we want. It is important to be well prepared, otherwise the remedy will be worse than the disease.

The shoe is a basic point. The shoes that we will use must be suitable both anatomically and for the terrain on which we are going to run. Today, most establishments can perform a footprint analysis and use it to recommend the most suitable running shoes . Letting yourself be advised by professionals will avoid unpleasant consequences and even injuries.

In addition to shoes, it is important to dress in appropriate clothing , which provides freedom of movement and comfort. In addition, it is important to use garments made with breathable fabrics since in this way the body temperature will adapt to the maximum to the weather conditions. In winter it is ideal for the outer layer to be windbreaker type.

Where and when we want

  • We can run when we want It is an activity that is ideal to practice on your own, both in the gym and outside. You choose when you do well. However, according to some studies there are components of physical exercise that benefit more when practicing this activity in the morning or in the afternoon. Experts indicate that in the afternoon, when body temperature tends to be higher, muscle-dominated activities are favored. In the morning, on the other hand, it is the cardiovascular ones (like swimming, running, cycling …) that benefit us the most. This is due to the circadian rhythms to which our body is subjected (the oscillations that it presents throughout the day: changes in temperature, hormones, heart rate …) In any case, the benefits of running will always be there whatever time you be,
  • We can also go running anywhere . We can choose the surface, the distance and the environment that we most want. The recommendation will depend on the level of each one and on whether or not there is a physical problem.
  • Thus, it must be taken into account that asphalt is the surface that most punishes the joints , since they suffer from the impact caused by the lack of cushioning. Therefore, in case of joint problems, it is convenient to avoid asphalt and opt for the beach or the countryside, where we will also benefit from a cleaner air and, consequently, a better oxygenation of the body.
  • In the case of deciding on the mountain, we have to take into account the unevenness that we can find, so our preparation must be in accordance with the requirement of the terrain. In addition, it is usually an uneven terrain so the footprint may be unstable and in that case the ankles and knees will suffer especially.
  • And if the weather is not good, we can always choose to run on the treadmill in a gym or at home. It is a good ally to continue training without losing regularity and with certain advantages: it avoids discomforts such as traffic or traffic lights, and it also does not present irregularities but it does allow to simulate slopes and increase the difficulty, intensity, speed … thanks to the great variety of programs included. And, most importantly, it has a surface designed to reduce impact to the ground by half (compared to asphalt), helping to avoid injuries and joint pain that can appear over time.

Running provides many benefits

Sea tape, asphalt or other surface, the benefits of running activity has on health are many and varied:

  • On an emotional level : there are many people who when they have been running for a while can no longer stop doing it, they get “hooked”. This has a physiological explanation: it is what is known as “ Runner’s High “Or” the euphoria of the runner. There is no specific definition, but it can be described as a “pleasant state” or “inner balance and harmony”, and is related to the production of endorphins, chemicals that transmit information to neurons and are responsible for modulating temperature body, pain … (that’s why they are known as “natural painkillers”). They are segregated in the face of various circumstances such as stress, exercise … and help us adapt to them. In the case of exercise, they provide a clear feeling of well-being. There is a study (published in the Oxford Journal) carried out with runners in which it was observed that they had high levels of secreted endorphins, which is why there is talk of a direct relationship between euphoria and running.
  • Weight loss and cholesterol and triglyceride control: running is one of the most complete cardiovascular activities that can help us the most in weight control as well as cholesterol and triglycerides. The diet, of course, also plays an important role so it must also be taken care of. It is important to eat in a balanced way and not carry out actions without any scientific basis such as starting exercise without eating because you believe that we will burn more. If we do not have the energy to exercise, we will not be able to perform what is necessary or achieve the goal set. To get an idea: running at 5.5 km / h we burn 385 Kcal / h; if we increase to 7.5 km / h the consumption will be 645 Kcal / h; and running at 9 km / h we will burn 1260 kcal / h.
  • At the cardiovascular level: running is a complete cardiovascular exercise. Furthermore, as cardiovascular diseases lead the way in morbidity and mortality figures in developed countries, it is evident that their benefits are clear both in terms of prevention and therapy. Adapt the program to your physical form, start according to your abilities and continue to improve. If you have any pathology at this level, you are a clear candidate to undergo a medical examination before starting . On the one hand, you make sure that you can run without problems and on the other you will know what your limits are and you will be able to better set your goals.

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