Whiter teeth

If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth to get whiter teeth, these are the possible treatments that will help you achieve it

More and more people want to have whiter and more beautiful teeth. And it is that a well cared for teeth gives a more youthful and healthy appearance. That is why tooth whitening is currently the aesthetic treatment for which more information is requested.
Throughout the history of dentistry, options for teeth whitening have been sought, but with not very satisfactory results, and sometimes with very harmful side effects. It has not been until recently that we have more effective and less aggressive products, although they do not reach the perfection that we would like.
Different techniques and products have been used for teeth whitening, but the most suitable substance, without a doubt, is carbamide peroxide, which makes it the most used today. With carbamide peroxide, a totally white hue is not achieved, but it is possible to lower 2 or 3 tones of the shade guide that dentists have.
Teeth whitening is indicated for intrinsic dental darkening, but it must be taken into account that the older the patient is, it is more difficult to offer a satisfactory teeth whitening.

Types of teeth whitening

External whitening

They are the most requested. It is done with dental splints to which a whitening gel is applied. The dentist will take some impressions of the patient, which are then cast in plaster to obtain models, with which splints are built, which are the ones that will be given to the patient to make the homemade application of the bleaching agent always after performing a dental cleaning. As side effects, there may be an increase in tooth sensitivity, which can be alleviated.
In cases of very strong sensitivity, it will be advisable to stop treatment, in fact tooth sensitivity would be considered a contraindication . Ideally, you should alternate your treatment at home with treatment at the dental clinic, where the whitening agent is used at a stronger concentration.

Internal whitening

To perform this type of whitening, it is essential to have endodontic teeth, since the whitening agent is introduced into the pulp chamber. It is indicated in very severe tetracycline stains or teeth darkened by pulp necrosis . It is a very grateful treatment but with very specific indications, since it is not very conservative.

Why teeth become stained?

There are different reasons why the teeth lose their enamel and stains occur on it. We can classify these causes into two large groups:

  • Intrinsic: they are what we cannot control. They are caused by some medication taken in the tooth formation stage, such as tetracyclines, or poor dental calcification, dental trauma and the inevitable dental aging. It is important to highlight the latter because as we get older, the teeth become duller and darker.
  • Extrinsic: they are the controllable causes since they are given by the consumption of certain foods or mouthwash products. For example, wine , tobacco , herbal teas, coffee, and long-term rinses with chlorhexidine (oral antiseptic).
  • They get dirty… from wine, tobacco, coffee and frequent rinses with chlorhexidine.
  • Most effective is… bleaching them with carbamide peroxide.
  • At home and in consultation: splints with the bleaching agent are worn at home, which is ideal to alternate with treatment in consultation at a higher concentration.
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